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General Information


Our instructional programs focus on academic achievement, bilingual proficiency and technological aptitude. Our teaching staff has high expectations for all students as they master the challenging

Las Palmas strives to maintain a learning environment in which our students achieve social sophistication through a focus on academics and multi-language communication expertise. Our teachers, parents and students all know and agree on instructional standards and a school wide discipline policy.

STEAM / Computer lab

At Las Palmas, technology is a tool used by students to access information and communicate their knowledge. There are 20 computers for student use in the STEAM lab.

All classrooms are networked and have technology learning centers. Upper grade classrooms have Chromebooks.


Opportunities for Parental Involvement

Las Palmas parents are involved on many different levels. They are involved as partners seeing that their children get to school on time and that homework is completed in a timely manner. Parents are involved as collaborators helping to write grants such as the science garden.

The School Site Council is the primary site-based decision making body. It is composed of one half staff and one half teachers and makes decisions on major budget expenditures of Title 1 and School Improvement Programs.

The English Language Advisory Committee provides support and advice to parents and students learning English and to the Two Way Language Immersion program. Since Las Palmas is a schoolwide Title 1 program, the Title I annual meeting of parents provides an annual needs assessment to address the needs of students and parents.

The Parent Teachers Association (PTA) meets monthly and provides great support  to Las Palmas - - both financially and with great encouragement.

Other School Highlights:


  • California Distinguished School
  • 1998 CABE Academic Seal of Excellence Award
  • Acclaimed Two-Way Language Immersion program
  • State alternative school waiver for Two-Way program
  • Character Counts Program
  • Gifted and Talented program (GATE)
  • State-of-the-art STEAM lab and library.
  • Mandatory uniform dress code
  • Highly trained and educated teachers: more than 90% hold Language Acquisition Credentials and/or Master’s degrees
  • Interventionist
  • School-sponsored extracurricular programs.
  • Organic Garden
  • Bilingual Library